Athithi Inaugural Function
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Athithi Inaugural Function

Sukisivam was full of praise for Mr. Mohan and said in a lighter vein that he would register with Kalyanamalai and if the marriage was fixed, he would give the contract to Athithi! “Mr.Mohan never raises his voice or is never angered. He is a karmayogi. I pay obeisance to Indian culture for its joint-family concept when I see this big united family. They are living examples for the truth that a united family could achieve great things.

Prof. K. Gnanasambhandan wished Athithi success and said, “Kalyanamalai brothers are all very hard working. I have watched Mrs. Meera Nagarajan putting all her efforts and mind while accomplishing her tasks. She is involved in whatever she does. Mr. Mohan never shows his anger to anybody. It is not easy to hide anger. Usually, in marriages, after the wedding is over, there’ll be a stage when seer is offered. At my daughter’s wedding, I was totally helpless at this juncture. Mr. Mohan stepped in and said that he would take care of everything. He bought things with best quality and best utility. Today, my daughter approaches only Mr. Mohan if she wants anything. I give her only the money required. Mr. Mohan will rush to the help of all. All the three brothers are hard working. All their efforts will bring them success. The actions of those will be excellent when there’s no gap between their words and actions.”

Mrs. Bharathi Bhaskar, Mrs. Meera Nagarajan, Athithi Inaugural Function

Mr. Raja shared some interesting anecdotes that took place during his wedding. He said any man who respected his parents would come up in life. “North Indians, particularly Marwaris live as joint families, and that is the reason for their success. Marriage is a matter of tension. But if both the parties including the bride and the groom could be without tension, then, it is possible if the responsibility is entrusted to Athithi. If Athithi were functioning at the time of my marriage, I would have been only the groom, without botheration about anything. Mr. Mohan’s words have a special power and appeal. A family that respects women and their words will surely flourish. Today, Kalyanamalai is like a banyan tree because that family respects their daughter-in-law. Kalyanamalai is like a government and Athithi is its new department. I pray to Madurai Meenakshi Amman to bless Kalyanamalai with a very long life so that people could benefit from its unending noble services.

Mr. Vijaybhaskar proposed vote of thanks.

Then the music program of Padmashree Aruna Sairam started with the ever popular song ‘Seetha kalyaana vaibogame …’. The audience was spellbound by her captivating voice and rendition. The function ended well with a sumptuous and delicious dinner with the visitors leaving the hall with their heart and stomach filled with joy and sumptuous fare!