Chennai - Marriage Held on 18th Mar, 2016

Chennai - Marriage Held on 18th Mar, 2016


Dear Mr.Mohan and Mrs. Meera Nagarajan,

Our daughter has just settled in Seattle and we are brimming with happiness. One year back when we approached you for managing our daughter's wedding; all I had was a friend’s reference about you.

With apprehensions all over, my wife and I visited your office wondering what kind of people we are going to meet.

The meeting started on time and that impressed us. Also, during the course of meeting there was plain talking, without exhibiting any marketing eagerness towards getting the business. We felt like we were discussing with a genuine well wisher.

After the meeting I told my wife “let’s work with them". Your words “we will travel with you in this process" meant a lot to us personally as we had no one else to backus because of limited time in Chennai. You and your team lived true to that one statement of yours. There was genuineness in all your suggestions and a lot of accommodation and understanding in fulfilling even our last minute requests.

Here is what some of my guests commented:

My Mother-in-law: “I was just holding my life to witness my grand daughter’s showed me heaven in the process"

My Sister-in law: The whole event looked like watching a 70mm color film for the first time in life.

Father-in-law: Ordering us to conduct our son’s wedding ourselves through you.

Daughters Singapore colleagues: Seen nothing like this food

My US friend: Was this real?

My College mates: You have set the bar high for us to plan our kids wedding

A Billionaire friend: I am jealous of you, my daughter's wedding was not even half organized as this.

His Daughter: I am angry with my father for not consulting you for my wedding.

Dress Designer: Amazing food, all guests will remember the food and not my dress design.

My S.African friend: We had tears; we missed our Indian roots all these years. I took 7 helpings of sweet.

Our Pandit: This is how marriages should be conducted...peacefully

Our servant maid: Super akka

My Badminton friends: Had we known this quality of food, we would have come for all 3 meals instead of just the reception. We missed it.

A politician friend: Difficult to beat the way the marriage event was planned.

Bride and Groom: Thanks for making it so memorable for us.

Mani & Band: Sir, Vijay is lucky to have played at such a well organised reception.

Rly Board Member: Thank god I took extra efforts to be present, loved all the 3 meals.

Top Police official: Now I know whom to appoint for my son’s wedding management.

We keep getting phone calls every day and have heard plenty of positive and feel good comments, thanks to you and your team.

I, genuinely wish you grow to become a truly global name in Managing Indian Weddings and set the standards for others to follow. I am the son of a Railway Coolie. For long, Life ...was just a chance to Merely Exist for us in this world and not to Really Live. Education had given us all the luxury we enjoy now.

Like Life, Marriages too can be Merely Conducted or Athithi Planned. We are fortunate it was Athithi Planned for us. Wishing all of you the very best in all your efforts.

Thank you.

With Warm Regards
Sreedhar & Umarani

Manivannan & Chitra

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