Chennai - Marriage Held on 23rd Aug, 2018

Chennai - Marriage Held on 23rd Aug, 2018


Dear Mr.Mohan and Mrs. Meera Nagarajan,

We have entrusted oursecond daughter’s marriage planning and mainly catering to you around February 2018, well in advance nearly six month before the scheduled marriage on 23-8-2018. Yours was a unanimous choice after seeing your awesome performance during my brother-in-law’s daughter’s marriage on 9-11-2017 at the same venue. You have proved and made our decision worthwhile by your dedicated performance yet again.

First of all, we must congratulate you and your team for the excellent Food and other arrangements performed with precision and perfection. We will be failing in our duties if we do not express our gratitude. Your service and food are the talk of the town and almost all those who attended the marriage have confessed that they have thoroughly enjoyed and tasted an excellent food. You have once again proved that your first mission is “Customer Satisfaction”.

Now we elaborate the various aspects of your excellence

Areas of Excellence Noticed:

Good beginning is half done is the maxim we heard so many times. Even before the bride and bridegroom family entered the Mandep on 22nd early morning around 6-30 AM, we were enthralled to see Mr.Mohan Sir (and of course with ever energetic Hema Madam) at the entrance receiving us as if it was his daughter’s marriage. The Leader shows the way to his staff as to how to approach and he demonstrated to his Team that he is committed.

Quality of Food:

The specialty in Athithi is that you have prepared each variety so nicely thinking that it is the only variety you are cooking. Like that you concentrate on each and every item and make it very tasty and enjoyable. Many dinners we have noticed out of 25 item around 18 will be good and balance 7 will be ordinary. But in your case the entire 25 are awesome.

Quantity of Food:

Here comes your mind and abundance in your delivery. You make people eat more and the abundance in mind is highly motivating us to eat more. This attitude is more cherishable than the food.

Timing maintained:

The Food was ready 15 minutes before the scheduled time and it was hot and tasty. The properties of food with respect to warmness and quality were maintained till last batch – quite amazing.

The serving Team:

Excellent planning adopted while serving. Special care taken for old people and new born babies. Truly touching.


Quality of Coffee / Tea counter:

Brahmin marriages will be judged by the first coffee / Tea provided as and when required. You are very adamant in one quality ie., NO COMPROMISE on Quality is your Quality Statement.

No need for follow up:

There is no need to follow up or waiting for food and it was the other way round. They waited for us with lot of patience and perseverance.

Execution / arrngements

Your team is fully trained to clean and make arrangements for the next event so well. E.g., after viratham they organized the next event Nichaya thartham very well and timely.

3rd day Lunch followed by Kattu sadam are exceptionally good and menu was stomach friendly.

The Pookudai alangaram during bride and groom maalai matrum frunction and pouring of flowers from the machine after magal Thali were truly innovative.

Thanks and Regards
S. Kumar & Family

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