Chennai - Marriage Held on 26th Jan, 2016

Chennai - Marriage Held on 26th Jan, 2016


Dear Mr.Mohan and Mrs. Meera Nagarajan,

We, the parents of Chi.M.Karthikeyan and Sow.K.Kanmani without a doubt are so pleased with our decision to utilize the services of Athithi Wedding Planners and Caterers on the occasion of the wedding that took place on 26th of January 2016.

We really don't know where to start with this review....There are so many things we wish to say. Thiru. Kalyanamalai Mohan is such a kind, caring and honest person that we were so touched by the amount of time and concern he gave us. He wanted my son’s wedding to be perfect as if it were the only wedding that mattered.

You were very responsive, transparent and easy to work with throughout the entire process. Every person we worked with truly cared about making our day as perfect and special as possible. Athithi wedding planners and caterers lived up to all the promises made during this process and were incredibly responsive, every question and email was answered immediately.

Settings looked so elegant; tables with value added services were amazing; food so delicious and exactly all that what we wanted. The staffs were extremely polite, prompt, professional and courteous to our guests. They smiled and went the extra mile, which made our guests feel even better. Their clean-up was perfection and they did not leave a trace behind and served to guests very quickly which helped cut down the wait time for drinks and prevented people from bunching up. The presentation and execution were perfect and we were able to stick to our tight timeline. This was a great value and we definitely got everything along with great lasting memories. The food was absolutely amazing and we received several compliments from our guests.

Your attention to detail and your caring nature is priceless. You treated us not as clients, but as friends.

Thank you for making us feel so special on the day and giving us peace of mind. Everything was taken care of and we were in good hands. You were a big part in our wedding success.

Long story short – we feel, and all our guests concur, that Athithi is the reason our wedding was absolutely unforgettable for all the right reasons.

With best wishes
Dr. S Muthan
Akila Muthan

Chitra Ravi

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