Chennai - Marriage Held on 27th Nov, 2015

Chennai - Marriage Held on 27th Nov, 2015


Dear Mr.Mohan and Mrs. Meera Nagarajan,

It was the morning of 24th November, Tuesday. The City had already been battered by torrential rains. Only three days were left for my daughter Lavanya’s wedding bells to ring. Our hearts were as much flooded with frustration as the roads of Chennai with water. My wife did not have even the courage to step out of our apartment to see the devastation as that would probably add to her woes and anxiety; but I went down and wading through hip-deep waters, I managed to, not reach but only go near Karthikeyapuram lake. It was a horrible sight to behold.

The lake overflowed and the whole area was inundated. There was gloom everywhere. I looked up, it was gloomier. Monsoon clouds were grunting like a hungry monster. Will my daughter’s wedding take place as planned? Weather forecasts were not encouraging either. With fervent prayer on lips and I looked at the tower of Goddess Kamakshi on the other side of the lake. A glimmer of light appeared and a soothing voice could be heard, ‘Sir everything will take place smoothly’. It was the voice of Mr. Mohan of Kalyanamalai fame, whom we engaged as our wedding planners. These were the words, he uttered during our last meeting. I could hear the same voice on that gloomy morning. I just listened to the voice and came back home determined.

Rains gradually stopped until the next Sunday. And the rest is history, at least in our family. The prophecy of Mr. Mohan came true. The words spoken by Mr. Mohan were translated into action. It was widely acclaimed by all concerned in both the families that it was the best wedding they have ever attended.

In fact, this was the second time, Mr. Mohan prophesied. The first one was on the occasion of my brother-in- law’s daughter Ms. Deepti’s marriage on November 27, 2014, exactly a year ago. When I broached the subject of my daughter’s wedding, with his inimitable smile, he told me and my wife, ‘ Lavanya’s marriage will take place within a year, don’t worry sir’. Exactly on November 27th 2015, Lavanya entered into wedlock with Chi. Arvindakshan. Those words, since they were spoken by someone with conviction and golden heart, came true.

What a great wedding plan it was, by Athithi. Everything was done in military precision. The service was one of the highest orders. All the guests were so appreciative of particularly two aspects, the display of seer and the consistency in the taste of food. The menu was mainly on the suggestion of Athithi, although we too chipped in with our own choices. Every item on all the six occasions were gourmet’s delight. Some of my CBI and advocate friends commented in lighter vein that they became gluttons after partaking dinner. I am afraid some of them may ask Athithi to foot their medical bills as they have over-eaten, due to sheer taste of food. All other ritualistic and procedural aspects were also arranged in apple-pie order leaving no room for any confusion or anxiety at any point of time. Kattusatham items were the icing on cake. Last but not the least is the smartness and courtesy of Athithi staff, with special reference to Ms. Hema.

Millions of thanks to Mr. Mohan, Ms. Meera Nagarajan and all the staff of Athithi !. ONLY You have made this possible, especially how desperate we parents were, as described in the first two paragraphs. My vocabulary in English is too limited to express anything better. May your service last ever.

Thank you.

With Warm Regards
G Prabhakaran

Chitra Ravi

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