Chennai - Marriage Held on 27th November, 2016

Chennai - Marriage Held on 27th November, 2016


Dear Mr.Mohan and Mrs. Meera Nagarajan,

It is indeed pleasure writing to you about the services you rendered for the marriage of our daughter V Nivedita and Abhinav Shankar on 26-27th November at Sri Lakshmi Prasanna Mahal.

The services rendered by you right from the day one you visited to discuss the marriage planning with my wife Geetha, Athithi was very impressive in coordinating and executing it.

The arrangements right from:

Welcoming the bride and groom

Seer display

Receiving the guests for reception

Making sure all required items made available for the rituals right at the time from vradham to muhurtham and Nalungu.

The quality of the food served on all three days including the kattusadham on final day.

The kind of warmth and personal touch with which your trained staff served food without rushing had added color to the whole event.

It was amazing.

We were bombarded with complements from each and everyone and we would like to pass it on to you completely.

It was also nice of Mr Mohan to be present on both days to ensure and motivate the team and to bless the couple.

You have made the event really memorable for us and our kids.

Way to go Athithi! You really rocked.

With Warm Regards
R Venkateswaran & Geetha V

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