Chennai - Marriage Held on 27th & 28th Nov, 2014

Chennai - Marriage Held on 27th & 28th Nov, 2014


Dear Mr.Mohan and Mrs. Meera Nagarajan,

Thank you Athithi for making excellent arrangements during the marriage of our only daughter Sow Deepthi Ganesh with Sri Sridhar Bharadwaj son of Sri Jayadevan and Smt. Karpagam Jayadevan at Sri Padmavathi Palace Marriage Hall, Ponniamman Nagar, Adayalampattu, Chennai 600095 on 26th, 27th and 28th November 2014.

After completing the Nichyathartham rituals and fixing the marriage date of our daughter, we were in the lookout for a suitable wedding planner to perform her marriage. Since this is the first marriage in our family after our own, we wanted to celebrate it in a grand manner. It was then my sister and her daughter who had attended a few marriages organized by Athithi informed us about Athithi. The description gave by one of my close relative about a high-profile marriage organized by you further confirmed your capabilities and helped us to book your services.

Your exclusive preparation of a creative motif for the marriage invitation card and the using of the light blue and golden color of the invitation as theme color in menu card, table frills and tamboola bags is worth mentioning. Similarly your arrangements for Mehindi and Sangeeth received whole-hearted participation by both the young and old.

Your meticulous arrangements for performing the marriage rituals assisted in procedural conducting of the marriage without any hitch. Everyone liked the way you packed the seers plates and displayed them in an orderly manner. The coffee shop kept open for 24 hours enabled our relatives to stay awake and exchange pleasantries on the night before the muhurtham day.

The wedding feast arrangements right from the morning of the first day tiffin to the last day kattusatham were excellent. The variety of food served on all the occasions of the marriage without repeating any menu item served before for the second time received appreciation from all our relatives. Your perfect arrangements for the buffet on the reception day by offering a mix of choicest south Indian and north Indian food varieties was very good. The seamless arrangement of food items enabled both young and old to relish every item served without missing any of them. The traditional muhurtham feast and the orderly serving by your staff without hurry helped our guests to relish every item served.

Your meticulous arrangements to the detail and your most positive approach to meet all our requirements will ever remain fresh in our memory. We would like to convey our hearty appreciation to the Athithi team for the good work done.

It is our luck my sister and my relative attended marriages organized by Athithi and enjoyed the traditional hospitality offered. But for them we would have sadly missed your services. My daughter's marriage performed by Athithi will remain a bench mark for all the marriages to be performed in our family and we want Athithi should perform those marriages.

Thank you.

With Warm Regards
Vaidehi Ganesh

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