Chennai - Marriage Held on 5th Dec, 2013

Chennai - Marriage Held on 5th Dec, 2013


Dear Mr.Mohan and Mrs. Meera Nagarajan,

Just a quick note to say how pleased both of us are with the services your company offers. All our guests and families had an unforgettable experience and really enjoyed our wedding. We wanted a wedding planner because we had a short time frame, busy work schedules, and we wanted minimal stress during the marriage arrangement. Thankfully Athith team delivered it all.

Our first impression of Meera mam was someone who was competent and professional. We soon added prompt, patient, fun and flexible to the list! She had great contacts, and an excellent reputation with many suppliers. She was always organized and calm, and kept us up-to-date and reassured. Our ideas were never rejected there was always a work around to achieve exactly what we wanted. Also thank you madam for your patience with my million questions regarding the whole event !

The team provided fantastic guidance and advice throughout the whole journey. And on the day itself, the schedule ran perfectly, and we had a wonderful time. Athithi team was always busy in the background, and we still marvel at how easy it all seemed afterwards. Our guests and my in-laws always comment about how smooth and well-structured it was. They constantly comment on the variety and taste of the food served & the sweets being great and above what they expected.

Thank you so much Athithi team you are truly outstanding at what you do and if I had one piece of advice to couples planning to wed it would be to get you on board. You are knowledgeable, practical and most importantly to us personal.

Our thanks to Hema, Radhakrishnan, Devarajan and your catering staff. Our special thanks to Meera mam and Mohan Sir.

Thank you.

With Warm Regards
Priyadarshini & Ajith

Manivannan & Chitra

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