Chennai - Marriage Held on 09th Sep, 2015

Chennai - Marriage Held on 09th Sep, 2015


Dear Mr.Mohan and Mrs. Meera Nagarajan,

I want to recap a few of the several high-points that we experienced during the entire process.

While we were evaluating wedding planners, our initial interaction with Mrs Meera Nagarajan, made us decide in favour of Athithi. She engaged us in a consultative mode, walking us through the different stages, their nuances, possible choices and their implications, even before we have a formal arrangement with Athithi. All our questions and more, were answered. We decided at that moment that we shall only engage Athithi.

Your team has been very professional all through. Some of the custom requirements ( such as custom design of Tambula bag etc) were done with a lot of attention to detail, with an attitude to 'do it right, first time'. When we arrived at Raghavendra on Sep 8 at 6 AM, we were pleasantly surprised to see you, already there ( from 5 AM) waiting to receive us. That speaks volume of your customer centricity

During the wedding, on all the sessions,Mr Vijay personally directing the team , on the floor ensuring that the guests are well taken care. Everyone has appreciated the exceptional hospitality of the Athithi team, beside the excellent quality and taste of food

Hema who was overseeing the wedding arrangement was very pleasant and efficient. She was always accessible and responsive. This gave us tremendous comfort.

There were several proactive improvements from your team , beyond what we asked for.

Some of my friends and colleagues, privately commented that Chithra and I were not looking like 'typical' bride's parents but were far too relaxed through the occasion. This, I feel, is a testimony to Athithi's service. Your team indeed, delivered to perfection

Thanks again for making this special event memorable, not just for Sushmita & Shyam, but for all our friends and relatives as well

Best regards
N S Swaminathan
Chief Strategy Officer
Nichepro Technologies, Bangalore

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