Chennai - Marriage Held on 29th Jan, 2016

Chennai - Marriage Held on 29th Jan, 2016


Dear Mr.Mohan and Mrs. Meera Nagarajan,

We are a NRI based Iyer family living in the Gulf for the last 35+ years. Our children were also born and brought up in the Gulf. So when my daughter wanted a traditional Iyer wedding it baffled me on how to go about organising the same.

My wife suggested to host the event with a wedding planner and also suggested the name of Athithi Seva-Chennai to me. Since I had lost all contacts in India, I had no options but to accept the same.

My reluctance led the way to a fantastic and a grandly organised event by Athithi Seva. Everything from our arrival in Chennai - to the wedding itself - and the final departure was taken care off by Athithi and all the events took place with clock work precision guided by their expert team. In a rare gesture Mr K M Mohan himself graced the occasion to bless the couple and all invities were in praises for a well organised event.

So if you are planning anything in Chennai don't look beyond Athithi as they are PAR EXCLLENCE.

Kudos and three cheers to Athithi Seva - Chennai and their team!!

Thank you.

With Warm Regards
Shivaram V Iyer
Doha Qatar

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