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Athithi Wedding Planners

Luxury weddings since 1980

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The mandapam sets the mood for your wedding - the perfect venue is the beginning of the perfect wedding. At Athithi Wedding Planners, you can choose from a wide range of Wedding Venues / Destinations with customized packages; from those for large multi-day weddings to small intimate ones.

Choosing a perfect marriage venue plays an important role in a wedding. Athithi always gives more importance to the sentiments of the parents in booking a wedding hall. We take the liberty to share our gained knowledge on the plus or minus points of various marriage halls located in Chennai and their lodging capacity. We ultimately leave the choice of booking the hall to the parents.



Some of our most memorable times over 4 decades of weddings, glance through while you decide the finer details of your big day, with us.


"I am impressed with your excellent food and service in every session"

- Ravichandran Ashwin, Indian Cricketer

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