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Athithi Video & Photography

A picture speaks volumes, much more than words could convey! Photos have become an integral part of celebrations. For your grand wedding celebrations, you would want every second to be captured on camera for eternity.

Athithi Wedding Planners varied group of seasoned photo and videographers who will ensure just that and you only have to think about how beautiful you look!

A few aspects of a wedding are as important as photography!

Wedding is an important occasion where the dearest and nearest will join to make the special moment into a memorable one. Athithi arrange to capture the unforgettable moments, which cannot be recreated, professionally in videos and photos. We help you to treasure the memories for years to come.

Wedding video and photo arrangements have come a long way from typical boring poses and weary facial impressions. Our trained and experienced video and photographers will keep pace with the marriage celebrations to capture the most natural, passionate and enjoyable moments as they happen. They will follow the couples when they mingle with their family and friends to capture the special pleasurable and emotional moments as they develop. The casual photos and candid photos bring out all the mixed expressions and real emotions of the marriage.

Athithi arrange to have professional photos during the marriage and present creative photos with famous backgrounds. In fact, we compile the younger age photos of both the bride and groom, by including the joyful comments of their friends and relatives and make it a surprise gift on the day of the wedding.

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