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Athithi Catering Services

The centre piece of an Indian wedding is the food - which represents the rich culinary history from the varied regions of India and the world.

Athithi Wedding Planners with Athithi - which is in catering industry over 3 decades, will strive to showcase this at your wedding with decadent feasts that satisfy even the most discerning palate.

The food served to the guests in a marriage always decides the success of the marriage. The fixing of a talented caterer gets the same level of importance to that of the fixing of a decent marriage hall. Parents are willing to spend more money on catering arrangements, to serve excellent quality and tasty food during the marriages.

Indian marriages, with a range of wedding related functions, demand a variety of food choices to choose from. Athithi, one of the leading marriage caterers, with a team of culinary experts, explain and discuss the catering menu for every occasion of the marriage. Being one of the best vegetarian catering services, we are aware of the current trends in food preferences and offer a tailor-made menu for both sit down and eat table meals and buffet style services.

While arranging the marriages for families from two different states with varied food and taste preferences, Athithi will draw a balance in the menu and include the traditional food items from both the states. We take both the groom and bride's side into confidence in fixing the menu for the marriage and offer our experienced suggestions to improve it. The exemplary service we offer to our clients has marked us as one of the best catering services in Chennai.

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