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Abiramasundari & Ramakrishnan

Good hospitality,  fine service and all arrangements are very good.  Thank you for your wonderful service.”

Abiramasundari-Ramakrishnan Kumabakkonam
Swetha & Sricharan

Our daughter, Swetha got married to Sricharann on 11th December 2020 in Bangalore. As both myself and my husband were keen on serving our guests good Tamil Nadu type of food, we got in touch with Kalyanamalai Mohan’s Athithi - that was the best decision we took for the wedding. We had a local wedding planner but till Ms. Hema and her team took over we did not have any comfort. The moment Ms Hema took over, it was smooth sailing all along - Thank you Athithi.


Even when the catering team was not from Bangalore, they were so well prepared and not once did they ask us for anything. Everything was so quietly and efficiently handled by them. All our guests were full of praise for the food served on all occasions and even today when we meet any of them they talk about the food we served at the wedding - Thank you Ms. Hema and your team.


Although we had contacted Athithi only for catering, they went out of their way and ensured that all ritual requirements were met about which the local wedding planner had no clue. Their experience in the field was very obvious and we greatly benefitted from it. The success of the wedding is largely due to the Athithi’s team. In hindsight, we wish we had engaged with them for everything - from start to finish.


We heartily recommend Kalyanamalai’s Athithi for all occasions and with them around the hosts can be at peace and enjoy themselves along with their guests. Kalyanamalai’s Athithi truly believes in their motto - Athithiseva. Keep up the good work & thank you once again.


Warm Regards

Jayashri Murali & A. Murali



It was beautifully conducted by Athithi. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the food. I can proudly say that probably I was one of a very few bride’s mom who was totally relaxed and I got to enjoy the wedding as well. Invariably mom will faint after the wedding. They completely took charge of everything and the trust I had on them was enormous. No words. Wish I had one more daughter for me to go through the process again

Sudha & Venkatesh

Gayathri & Shriram

We happily & gratefully to record our appreciation to Athithi Caterers & their staff and executives who did service on the above days and made our daughter Gayathri Natarajan’s marriage a great success.

All the people who attended the marriage including the Sambhandhi’s were fully satisfied and expressed their appreciation to the conduct of the marriage & service of Athithi Cater's employees. Mrs. Hema did an excellent job of managing all the services from the beginning to end admirably to the complete satisfaction of all the guests. So did Mr. Radhakrishnan. Mr.Devarajan & his team did an excellent work of preparing great dishes appreciated by everybody throughout the two and half days of the marriage function. Mrs.Bhama did great work as the ugraanam job in-charge. Mr. Krishnamurthy did a great job of preparing and serving delicious coffee, tea & Bournvita etc the exact taste of everyone with a smiling face right through the function which is hallmark of Mr. Mohan. We wholeheartedly record our sincere thanks with appreciation to every one of Athithi cater who did service for our marriage function

Meenakshi & Balasubramanian

The kind of services you had given us, professional approach, amazing timely response, never saying no, not possible, very positive attitude made us feel so comfortable.

We are so fortunate and blessed to have availed services of Athithi catering. We are so blessed that we could meet Mohan sir.

Extremely grateful to Mohan sir that he could make it to the wedding to bless us and the newly married couple. Please convey our thanks to Him. Look forward to meeting him again. Thank you and keep up the good work

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